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TERMEZY - Professional women's brand, focusing on bra suits, corsets, pajamas, etc. It is designed to help modern women aged 18-60 to demonstrate confidence and elegance through appropriate products. We aim at sexy, romance and comfort. From the aesthetic point of view of women from different countries in the world, we integrate different cultures into our design inspiration to provide sexy, comfortable and healthy clothing for everyone.
Style: TERMEYZ uses original design to interpret every culture from different countries. It has the characteristics of sexy, elegant, confident and noble, reflecting the special character and advanced attitude of modern women.
Price: TERMEZY chooses high-quality materials for its clothes with an affordable price for most people, allowing them to enjoy dressing up in good tastes.
Workmanship: TERMEZY owns a large database on human body sizes and a set of strictly-controlled producing procedures, which enables it to guarantee its good quality that not only fit your bodies but also your tastes as well.

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